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AnswerGarden Newsletter 6: Summertime!

Summertime is here! Time for a welcome break from school or work, for rest and relaxation, but also for creative projects, away-days and summer courses. The past year has been a great one for AnswerGarden. We are truly humbled by how millions of you have embraced our service and shared AnswerGarden at work, in school, at conferences, in workshops and even at a music festival as a live-audience response tool during a DJ-set.


And even though we encountered a few tough challenges this year (such as AnswerGarden downtime due to a new server, and sustaining financial stability of the AnswerGarden venture while keeping our service affordable (free) for educators) there were also many improvements: a new ad-free iPad app, a Full-screen mode combined with the option to refresh your AnswerGarden automatically, the possibility to edit your AnswerGarden directly during a live session, and even wipe your AnswerGarden clean with the press of a single button.


To celebrate, you can now get the ad-free iPad app for the discounted price of $1.99* during the whole month of July! This also applies to the educational bulk discount.


We will of course continue to make AnswerGarden better. As AnswerGarden cannot thrive without your invaluable input, please keep sending us your wishes on how we can improve your experience at work or in the classroom!


We would like to conclude with a massive Thank You! from us two at CreativeHeroes to all of you who partnered with the AnswerGarden service: the teachers, the designers, the keynote speakers and of course all respondents.


We wish you a great summer!

Sander & Richard

AnswerGarden ad-free iPad app for the price of a double espresso at Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy

Yes! Throughout the whole month of July, you can get the ad-free iPad app for the discounted price of $1.99*. This discount also applies to the educational bulk discount. So get your ad-free copy of AnswerGarden soon!


The Apple educational discount is applicable for purchases of 20 apps or more. For more information please visit

Stats to keep you cool

Here are some detailed AnswerGarden statistics.

  • The free AnswerGarden iPad app has been installed over 262,000 times....
  • ... and the paid ad-free app 57 times.
  • At least 309,236 brainstorms have been facilitated (which could be more since several of you recycle their AnswerGardens).
  • A total of 8,213,418 answers were given.
  • The AnswerGarden website receives approximately 2.3 million pageviews per month (and growing).
  • This equals about 71 GB data traffic per month.
  • Over 58,000 answers have been wiped. We have no idea why.
  • Over 30,000 exports from AnswerGarden to Wordle every month!
  • Hello big data: exactly 8858 people discovered one of AnswerGarden’s secret Easter eggs. Have you?
  • AnswerGarden is used worldwide, as you can see on this map. This months top three countries include the United States, the Netherlands and Australia.

Donate to AnswerGarden

As it turns out, the free service of AnswerGarden makes people quite happy. Several of you have offered to contribute financially to keep it up. So far we have been very grateful if you would support any of our other projects, such as and But now you can also support AnswerGarden with a donation of you choice using PayPal (click the image below). Thank you very much!


* Apple App Store prices may vary slightly per currency as does the price of a double espresso. 

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